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Fiona McLoughlin

Replacing dependencies with healthier forms of enjoyment

I have been involved with Mind Hero since the beginning in one way or another. I started energy training with Gwen and Johny, the co -founders of Mind Hero, more than 10 years ago. Our education and relaxation sessions were often online, as we are all located in various parts of the world, so from first hand experience, this is a convenient, practical way to get benefit and results.

Having also taken courses with masters in Chinese astrology, the 5 elements, face reading, feng shui, and natural healing, I am particularly interested in the area of life design and technology which can help us master the requirements of life today, in the fast lane.

Being something of an expert in this as my previous career was in fashion design and clothing technology, it seemed a natural evolution for me to shift my skills into creative energy work. My fashion lifestyle meant that I travelled extensively and was lucky to be able to experience other cultures, people and lifestyles. I am currently living in Zagreb Croatia, where I am researching Health, Longevity and Rejuvenation.

Personally, I have overcome problems with dependency and addictions, emotional
disorders, “burn out” financial problems, bereavement, suicide and depression by using relaxation and life technology. This is definitely the best development programme. I really enjoy sharing what I have learnt over all these years and I am absolutely positive that if you want to change something and are open to try, you can get great results.

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