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Mind Hero App

Mind Hero provides natural guided relaxations to help you relax, stay calm, overcome stress and decompress your mind in difficult situations.

Calming your mind is not an easy task. Our mind is trained from a very young age to be constantly active. Now teaching it to do the opposite is quite a challenge. Our team at Mind Hero has been researching for over 30 years in the field of meditation, relaxation and stress management, figuring out the best tools and technology to help people relax and decompress. By relaxing we are able to rebalance and increase our capacity for life. Mind Hero is the culmination of our experience and knowledge in one highly effective, yet simple to use app.


• 20+ guided relaxations for various occasions and issues

• 20+ background music and sounds of nature

• Mixing guided relaxation and backgrounds results in over 400 possible combinations

• Import your own relaxation audios through iTunes, using our app as your main relaxation hub

• Keep yourself motivated and measure your progress with the Aura Score and Zen Moments

• Save favorite combinations for instant access

• Relaxation reminders


Mind Hero works for everybody, teenagers, children and even small babies. Just place your iPhone next to your child and they will begin to calm down quite soon, their general ways will become more balanced and they will be much happier. Good news for moms and dads!

And If your dog is unwell or your cat is misbehaving give them a session regularly and watch them wind down.

We believe in simplicity and don’t offer complicated levels or extensive programs so as not to add another source of informational overload. Even if you listen to one and the same track every time your perception and understanding of it will differ and deepen with every relaxation. The key to a successful training of peace of mind and mindfulness is repetition. Make sure you relax every day just as you would eat and drink or take a shower every day. Already after your first session, you will feel good and as you persevere you will notice your relaxations getting better and deeper.

With natural technology, there is no need to focus on anything, no requirement of any kind and you don’t even need to make an effort to let go of thoughts and self-control. Just be there, be open and interested and listen with your heart. Be aware of the voice guidance without focusing too much on the words. The voice is there to take you away from your own thoughts and send messages of calm addressing every level of your being. As you progress you will be able to open up and let go at will and reach deeper and deeper levels of peace.

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