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Zen Moments

Use the Zen Moments feature to rate your relaxation and contribute to your Aura Score.

Zen Moments are those during relaxation where one experiences an uplifting, positive sensation. Every person reacts differently and reactions may vary at different times. You may experience:

• Warmth, tingling or energy flow in hands and feet or throughout the entire body

• A feeling of weightlessness or immovability

• Mental detachment from outside stimulation – an absence of thoughts

• Spontaneous happiness and joy

• Changes in body temperature, like sudden warmth, sweating, or maybe a cool breeze

You rate the quality of these sensations and choose your Zen Moment accordingly, then let go of the experience and be open for something new each time. Here are the four possible Zen Moment options:

• Not at all – You didn’t experience any sensations and you struggled with focus and thoughts all the time

• A little bit – From time to time you were able to get some sensations, but very rarely

• Quite often – Sensations were more regular, but you still had gaps of struggle with focus and thoughts

• Most of the time – You were experiencing sensations almost all the time and had very little trouble with focus and thoughts

If you have any pain during your session, keep going to facilitate the energy flow to work on the blockage.
If you fall asleep during your relaxation you are probably dealing with a lot of stress or exhaustion. Please note that some beginners may have to practice a while to experience a good relaxation. When genuinely relaxed and expanded you will be fully aware of your surroundings whilst mentally detached and with a deep feeling of joy.

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