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Johny Miric

At intersection of tech and spirituality

I’m a co-founder of Mind Hero and my main activities are in technical development, online marketing and development of the business strategy.

Since 1998 I became increasingly interested in health and well-being, first out of curiosity, then as a patient/client and from March 2003 as an entrepreneur. That year together with my wife, Gwen Hoffmann, we set up Energy Clinic wellness in the Atlantic Hotel Kempinski, one of the most famous hotels in the world.

There I gained my first business experience and learned how to run the company, manage staff, setting up higher goals and reaching them in a step by step process and with careful planning.

As the culmination of our business and experience in the area of health and well-being, a new project was born, Mind Hero.

Mind Hero is pretty much my dream coming true. It did take a while, but finally, we are here. It is only the beginning, but I am very excited to see how we are going to develop it from this point.

Once you reach one dream, dozens of new ones start to pop in. It’s a fun ride.

Through all this time I have developed several different skills, from financial accounting, computer design, basic programming, online marketing… but as the most important one, I learned importance of taking care of your health, maintaining spirit and constantly setting up higher goals in order to survive and strive and not get crushed by pressure, competition and problems.

When I look around I see many business people chasing deals, customers and opportunities but only very few of them are actually able to take care of themselves let alone other parts of their lives. My goal is to help people to bring balance to their lives so that not just their business is thriving but also their partners are supporting them, their kids are developing well and their health is getting better and better each day.

The days when we burn ourselves to provide good conditions for our families are going, the bar is a notch higher and we have to find a way to have a business, make money, maintain contacts, solve problems, deal with situations and stay happy, healthy and relaxed throughout the whole time.

But the first step is to start to believe that this is not mission impossible. All tools are available, every problem does have a solution and you just landed in the right place.

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