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Switching channels

As we may have realized, life is not all fun and games; on the contrary, we are often lumbered with some affliction or other, which we bear because experts say there is no solution.

Issues such as migraines, allergies, back problems, or emotional conditions such as loneliness or nervousness limit us so that we find it difficult to relax and enjoy life. 

How do these adversities, our problems arise? They all have deep roots, physical or circumstantial, genetic or past life, upbringing, or expression of our very personal energy profile, which we receive at birth. But the good news is that our behavior and daily attitude are the key factors that we can modify. Our problems are here to be solved.

If we look at history, it is all about solving problems, and there was always someone who thought there must be a way out. Be it cold and hunger, be it no freedom or sickness, at large, we have come a long way here, thanks to the visionaries and pioneers at work.

Visionaries imagine or see things that lie ahead and have not been proven, and pioneers do things that are difficult and seem impossible from the current point of view. 

If we want to take the bull by the horns, the first thing is to accept our imperfection and open up to the probability of solving our problem, no matter what anybody else may say. 

Then we need to take steps of action.

The third condition is not to give up until we reach our goal.

For most of us, steps two and three are no-goers. A habitual lack of faith and the ongoing condition make us down, low in energy. After a long time of suffering, we don’t have the oomph to make a change.

So, to start with, we need to learn how to improve our energy.

At Mind Hero, you learn to relax the body and clear the mind naturally. You practice forgetting everything, your opinion, worries, pride, anger, others, and yourself.  

When you empty your mind and relax, the body’s energy system opens up and receives more energy than normally.

Already your first attempt may make you experience a physical and mental brightness you haven’t tasted for a while, if at all. After more practice, you feel you want to up and go. You are literally energized and can take steps you couldn’t before. Switching the channel, as it were, becomes feasible.

If you want to learn how to receive more energy, check out Mind Hero’s Introduction to Inner Peace and begin to change without even needing to try.

Gwen Hoffmann

Co-founder of wellness center Energy Clinic Hamburg

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