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Don’t like drinking water?

We know too well how important it is to drink plenty of water, but this is not so easy for some. I have heard people literally say they dislike water.

Many years back I was so fortunate as to have access to abundant spring water which was as I thought a great incentive to improve my water drinking habits.

For some time I was drinking several glasses during the morning while sitting at my desk but come noon I was freezing and in need of warming up with a good lunch. In the afternoon my endeavors of drinking the remaining quota dwindled, as I subconsciously was avoiding the chilly experience of the morning.

Hang on, just need to pour a nice glass of water for myself.

The chilly mornings continued for too long until finally due to my interest in Chinese culture I was introduced to the notion of drinking boiled.   

My kettle now became involved in the procedure, and at first, I would sip the hot cuppa. Not being able to down the quantity I required I would let the drink stand. To my great joy, I discovered that water cooled to almost body temperature was very drinkable and refreshing. Reaching for the cup became a pleasure just as reaching my daily water quota.

Water which has reached boiling point has lower surface tension than raw water. Due to its higher temperature and boiling message, it is warm to the body. It doesn´t give a cold shock to the stomach and digestive system which needs the energy to warm up to body temperature again.

For people with weak digestion and who feel the cold easily, this is a big deal. They are the ones who could indeed dislike water whereas more firey individuals love a cold shot of H2O no problem. So there is hope: you may become one of those who carries a small thermos of water cooled to perfect drinking temperature with them and beat any dehydration crisis.

Also published on Medium.

Gwen Hoffmann

Co-founder of wellness center Energy Clinic Hamburg

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