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Menstruation, Curse or Blessing?

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When reaching puberty, young girls are faced with a strange phenomenon, which comes with varying messages, from cursed, scary, shameful, disgusting, natural, to normal, but generally not many attributes on the positive side.

In modern society, menstruation is more or less ignored, and life goes on as usual for women, or does it? Actually, only very few women are not negatively affected. Most families have a tale or two to tell about what goes on behind their closed doors: moodiness, craziness, violence, sickness.

Formerly traditions and rules restricted women during menstruation but in western society from the Sixties on, this area got liberalized and now everything goes in hygiene, nutrition, sports, massage, work, and sex. And – today there is hardly a woman who doesn´t have some discomfort during these days. Running up there are tension, headaches, pain, depression, sometimes drawn out for days due to inexplicable delay. During menstruation, exhaustion, lower back, and abdominal pain, extreme bleeding,  clots, cysts, tumors and increasing difficulty in conceiving.

From the energy point of view, the time of the month is an excellent opportunity for cleansing the body and releasing negative energy naturally. All women will confirm that after their period they feel great. Negative symptoms are curbed by supporting the cleansing process, where all our systems want to open up and release, at the same time however being very vulnerable.

It is essential to keep warm. Cold food, drinks, swimming, wind, and draft will cause contraction of the blood vessels and prevent them from relaxing. Cooling foods such as raw salads and fruit, green and black tea, coffee and white sugar and alcohol (except red wine) are all cooling and counteract pain-free, clot-free and a bright red monthly flow. Further, the clearing out needs to be complete, so nothing is left behind, which could cause clotting, cysts, and tumors: consistent care up to the last day, not like potatoes which are taken out of the boiling water before they are done.

This may all sound old fashioned and restricting, but will somehow ring a bell and make sense. We don´t feel like socializing, being touched, going swimming or having sex when on our period, if we are honest. To allow for completion of the process, we need to listen to our bodies and take this time as a more private one. On the other hand, it is not so amazing for our loved ones to be too close to us during this time, when we are releasing negative energy, sorry. In some traditional societies, women would retreat to a separate building for a few days and take care of themselves, keeping a distance to family and partner. In modern society, there is not much space for these kinds of arrangements, but one can tone down and be aware of what is conducive and what not. Warm drinks, such as molasses and brown sugar water 3 to 4 times a day, not the latte or cappuccino. Red or mulled wine in the evening, warming foods such as stews and soups, no baths or showers, just a warm rub down with a flannel, as all pores are open and cold can easily enter deeply into the body, become locked and cause havoc in the long run.

If we go more by the rules, having a period is a great opportunity to detox and renew every month and when handled with knowledge definitely of significant advantage to our wellbeing.

Gwen Hoffmann

Co-founder of wellness center Energy Clinic Hamburg

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