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Chinese Five Elements: Fire

The season of summer is generally seen as starting in May and is also represented by the element of Fire.

Fire quite simply is connected to Fire! That can be a forest fire or a volcano, or a candle.
Fire is connected to heat, which tends to be most strong in Summer time. Summer time is the time when everything is growing strongly. This is characterised by the formation of flowers and fruits. For animals, it’s when they are growing, as in youth.

Thus, for human nature, Fire represents the kind of qualities we see represented in Summer time and by the flora’s and fauna’s characteristics of continued and sustained growth, after the spring beginning.

This means that the attributes of high spirit, openness and creativity are the characteristics we see for the Fire type of behaviour patterns we can see in humans.
The ancient’s also saw that the heart and small intestine organs were also connected with the element of Fire. Thus, when the heart (the main Fire organ) is out of balance, the person can be feel sad and become an unhappy kind of type of person, who finds it hard to enjoy what they do in life. Thus they can be sad, heart broken, depressed and even over excited and manic, when they are completely out of balance.

This is when you can also see that heart diseases will start to set in, if they don’t change and learn to develop and heal their heart.

When someone has heart blockages and / or weakness, it was discovered that they can get speaking problems because it affects the tongue and speech, veins and artery problems, low or high blood pressure, palpitations, their left side of their bodies can have problems, and they will generally be experiencing a lack of high spirit and happiness in their lives, or even become manic and hysterical… over-excited and over-happy.

In older times, we used to say that when people fell out if love and were sad, they had a broken Heart, or when they were happy, they were very hearty, so you can see that there are western parallels to these observations. However, in the east they developed such a complex and deep understanding that even today helps us through energy healing and other such natural healing methods to cure our ills and bad characteristic and become better more healthy people in mind, body and spirit.

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Edi Carr

Senior presenter and senior consultant to VIP clients at E Rejuvenation center Zagreb, Croatia.

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