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‘BNP, that’s me, now f*** off’ – The sickness of society and what needs to be done

Since the beginning of human evolution… from the apes, and even before then, I expect, everywhere you went you could find ‘negative’ behaviour… which now, we could say, is not so much shown by pure animal aggression on the whole, but in more subtle forms such as prejudice, judgement, opinion, bigotry, racism, hatred, etc etc… plus so much basic negative behaviour from each and every one of us… it’s no wonder that no aliens have shown up yet to say hallo… they are probably too scared of our all too ‘human’ reactions to risk it just yet. ET stayed home!

Whilst we live in a world that is clamping down on such outwardly negative behaviour and political correctness (PC) has become the “hammer to crack the nut”, what is the root cause and how do we deal with it? Surely PC has become too heavy and restricted our liberty, our rights to laugh and poke fun at one and all?

So much has happened in recent weeks, on and off football pitches (racism in football is a hugely controversial topic right now (c.f. Liverpool’s Luis Suarez and Chelsea’s John Terry) but these high profile cases are just the tip of the iceberg and the difference is that in normal life, the vast majority of the ‘normal people’ – the others – don’t get their negativity reaching the light of day… or do they?

Well, in today’s world you just can’t escape technology anymore! One lady was recently reprimanded for her allegedly racist rant, caught on CCTV, on a tram in London, UK:

“We have got enough of you ******* muppets in our country, stealing our jobs, ******* taking the English jobs”… “BNP, that’s me, now f*** off” ( The BNP is the British National Party).

(Press Association – Tue, Dec 6, 2011): ‘Sobbing woman denies tram race rant’… but gets caught on CCTV! She … sobbed as the three magistrates watched the footage, which has now been seen more than 11 million times online. “Not guilty,” she said. Read more

That’s probably more than typical… And it doesn’t stop there…

The now deceased Jade Goody became infamous for her on air racism towards Indian actress Shilpa Shetty in 2007. After her eviction from the show, she acknowledged her actions had been wrong and she then made many public apologies. She died, aged 27, on 22nd March 2009, from terminal cancer.

That’s what I’m talking about; but even further than this ‘obvious’ negative behaviour, with our high profile celebrities making gaffes and ‘seeming’ jokes, who should we turn to for a clearly idea of what’s right and wrong? Where do we draw the lines???

For example, last week the farcically famous Jeremy Clarkson, a well known BBC English celebrity broadcaster, journalist and writer who specialises in motoring (for example the ‘Top Gear’ car show…) who has also become internationally known for the aforementioned, decided to open his mouth and pronounce strikers… are the scourge of the nation:

On 30 November whilst being interviewed on the BBC’s ‘The One Show’, Clarkson made comments on the UK’s public sector strike that same day:

… all strikers should be executed “in front of their families”; this statement is set to become the most complained about remark on the BBC (Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘execution’ complaints reach 31,000) ; the BBC also received 314 messages of support for Clarkson.

Mr Clarkson later apologised for the remarks saying: “If BBC & I have caused any offence, I’m quite happy to apologise alongside them.”

To make amends, in his 3rd December column for ‘The Sun‘ he kicked off by telling the world…

Those who choose to jump in front of trains as “Johnny Suicide” and argued that following a death, trains should carry on their journeys as soon as possible. He added: “The train cannot be removed nor the line re-opened until all of the victim’s body has been recovered. And sometimes the head can be half a mile away from the feet.”…”Change the driver, pick up the big bits of what’s left of the victim, get the train moving as quickly as possible and let foxy woxy and the birds nibble away at the smaller, gooey parts that are far away or hard to find.”

I wonder what he would have said if his colleague Richard Hammond…. had died in his car crash a few years ago… send in the road sweepers to clean his body up?

Is he funny, or sad? He is far from being alone, and in fact we can see the dividing lines are very clearly undivided:

Council official claims Jeremy Clarkson critics should be shot… Gerry Reynolds, a top council official, has caused outrage by claiming he would shoot those who complained about Jeremy Clarkson’s controversial comments that strikers should be shot.

Sunday 11 December 2011

The question is, in this time of increasing PC, what are we really dealing with in contemporary society?

The fact is that if you more understand these outbursts – and our very own complaining and criticisms etc of others, institutions, governments, et al, then we can start to see the thin edge of the wedge.

The whole of society is based on negative ideas and values, which in essence means it is sick – not just in the physical, emotional or mental sense, by in its energetic sense, in its foundation. We are living with imbalances caused by bad lifestyles, bad behaviour, in turn caused by lack of knowledge, and often not even applying knowledge that is known. But finally, it’s a question of evolution!

A lazy, spoilt and stubborn society breeds people who cannot feel good about themselves or anyone else for that mater… which is why it comes out the way it does… and we blame the perpetrators for their inhumanity and callousness and negativity, but it’s in the schools, in the homes, in our… genes.

We are still shaped by our past. That’s the truth and why we act like our parents, and those people from the past who didn’t know better. So, all very well you say, but what to do?

First thing is draw the boundaries. Positive vs. negative. That’s very simple, that’s what is true – positive is true, negative is against truth. But it’s hard to do. It’s much easier to be negative than positive!

Second thing is, each individual MUST recognise they need to be positive and clean out negativity, and decide to work on themselves and of course be given the tools to do so. Everyone needs to learn to be positive and thus happy etc, and love themselves from the inside, in an un-egotistical non-narcissistic way…

Thirdly, we all need to clean our energy every day: our energy is like our food intake. Every day we need fresh food and the next day… its shit! We know the term “you are what you eat”. Well, the simple case is that we are what kind of energy we have. Positive energy makes positive behaviour. When you feel good, you act good. So, in essence, if we make sure we have positive energy every day, that’s how we will be, and to do this we need to receive positive energy every day and release negative every day too. Just like drinking and peeing, eating and pooing, breathing in and out, putting on clean clothes and washing them afterwards…

Of course, if you have a system and a coach to help you learn, you can do this.
That’s what E Rejuvenation is doing every day, helping make people be positive and that’s the biggest contribution we can make and that’s what will clean our minds of all the bigotry, criticism, prejudice, and so on, without all the old style ways to try and change people who don’t want to change – because they are too full of negative energy to see what they are doing.

Is there hope that we will see a time where positivity rules, where right is might, not might is right?

I’m positively sure, that day will come… and it’s up to us all to make it happen, right now ;o)

Edi Carr

Senior presenter and senior consultant to VIP clients at E Rejuvenation center Zagreb, Croatia.

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