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The Principle of Contradiction – A late night with Tom Cruise

Photo credit: Paramount Pictures

Having understood, that each hour of the day has different Energy and for maximum benefit should be assigned to specific purposes, I do go to sleep before 11 pm as a rule.

Then as it happens and while juggling every bodies’ needs and with the final goal not being lost out of sight, there is a cinema invite from my husband to watch the English version of “Mission Impossible* at 10.45 pm. Living in Germany it would be the last chance if you want it still fresh.

I had already given in to the new Sherlock Holmes the night before, mind you, not quite as late, and was feeling the after effect at that very moment.

What should I do? Johny had already announced, he would go by himself if I wasn’t up to it. My ego jumped. Which bit of my life philosophy would allow me to make this movie night totally legal?

I decided not to prejudge and said yes.

Shortly after my usual bedtime we set out to the “Streits”.

We totally enjoyed the high-tech fun on equally high buildings and the determination of the players, when things got even more impossible.

Right at the end we catch a glimpse of our hero’s bitter sweet source of extraordinary spirit and it wasn’t Katie.

We get home at 1am. Only 3 hours later I got up to my thoroughly enjoyable morning routine, feeling great for the rest of day.

I was happily shocked. I did not feel tired. How come???

Life is full of contradiction and our world is a message world. I believe this night with Tom Cruise, no matter how fictional, was a legitimate source of energy.

Gwen Hoffmann

Co-founder of wellness center Energy Clinic Hamburg

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