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Why so optimistic? A story about the flying box

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Sometimes people ask me why I see progress in every single situation and believe that everything is essentially good?

First I have to say that I wasn’t always like that, not at all, and I still do struggle to keep myself that way, it’s work in progress, so to say.

From early childhood I was suffering from depression and by the age of 20 it got totally unbearable. Luckily, I managed to get help and after many years of working on myself to improve every bit of my life, the results are slowly showing.

Part of the answer is also fact that according to Chinese 5 elements I’m Yin Wood, represented in nature as grass, plants and in my particular case, ivy. Yin Wood element is almost indestructible in nature, you can cut it, it will grow back, you can burn it, it will grow back… and that’s how I feel on most days, no matter what is happening I’m able to crawl out of the ashes and seek the sun again and again.

But what really shifted me is the new way how I see people and situations around me. What I basically do, I apply two simple principles:

  • A principle of yin & yang 
  • A principle of the box moving forward

Yin & Yang

I guess the principle of yin & yang many people understand, every single thing in universe consists of positive and negative and if one of them is stronger it pulls things out of balance. So, when I see negative things happening around the world, around me or within me, I see it as a sign of growing, moving forward. If negativity is rising that means also that on some other part of me or on the planet strong positivity is rising as well. It happens automatically, it’s nature’s instinct to keep everything in balance.

So when I see negativity rising it gives me a push to work more on positive sides because I know there is an opportunity for development there. The negativity is the essential force of positive progress and vice versa, if there is no negativity there will be no reason for the positive to develop.

When it comes to sickness I simply believe that every health problem is an opportunity to grow as well. By going for operation or taking artificial painkillers and sedatives we are simply killing that opportunity. There are many other ways to handle physical illness but if you don’t know what you’re doing, I suggest to stick with traditional western medicine. There is nothing worse but refusing normal medicine and on other hand having no clue how to deal with your health problem naturally.

Box moving forward

Now, imagine our world being a flying box moving forward, moving towards better all the time. Imagine all people on the planet are in the box and we all behave differently. Some of us are jumping up and down out of pure joy, some of us are pushing box forward trying to make it go faster, some of us are going left and right, not sure where to go, some of us are pushing backwards, believing that we are in wrong direction all together, some of us are hitting their heads against the wall out of sheer desperation and not understanding, some of us are trying to climb on the top of the box to get better view, some of us are trying to make a hole in the box so they can jump out, some of us are going under the box trying to fix it, some of us trying to kill other people to have more space, some of us spend our whole life just decorating the box…

And some of us are just standing still, peacefully enjoying the ride knowing that they are in luxury vehicle and that driver knows where to go. Like sitting in a limo, which is taking us to a perfect vacation destination, all already paid and all trip details arranged.

Billions of people, billions of different scenarios. But one thing they all have in common, we all are moving forward regardless of our beliefs, resistance, faith, trying, not trying… no matter what we do, we are moving forward and our life is getting better and better by each second. But, even if we all are in the box together, we are not developing in the same way and with the same speed, our understanding or not understanding principle of the flying box creates the key difference and it’s the main reason why we have different classes of people on this earth, those with more money and less money, those with more health and less health and those with higher consciousness and lower consciousness.

So, those are the two principles which I apply to every single situation in my life, anytime I can. I don’t say that I’m able to do it every time, some life situations will create a real struggle within our consciousness, body and mind, but if applying these two principles, things will get easier and easier by each day.

Some of you might say that this kind of view of the world is delusional but I can only say to them one thing:

Prove me that I’m wrong. Negativity feeds the positive. Who wins?

Johny Miric

Co-founder of Mind Hero and wellness center Energy Clinic Hamburg. Follow him on Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook

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