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Here is what we are doing in Zagreb

E Rejuvenation Center Zagreb

A few weeks ago I decided together with my wife Gwen to turn new page and give Energy Clinic to be managed by Gwen’s daughter, Leyla, while we will be heading to Zagreb to spend time with our good friends who are running several E Rejuvenation centers in Croatia.

We needed new inspiration to go beyond our wellness business in Hamburg and start something which will more directly help people with their health issues. Energy Clinic does a good job but the problem is that, as we are based in a hotel, most of our clients are hotel guests who rarely stay for a longer period time to experience the health benefits possible. 

E Rejuvenation is available since quite a few years as one of the most advanced treatments for recharging and rebalancing your energy and solving  health and stress related problems.

After a couple of days of re-orientation and getting settled we re now realizing that here is truly a completely new level of Energy comparing to what we have in Hamburg. Here in Zagreb clients are coming only on recommendation and after one test treatment they can choose one of the monthly or yearly memberships. This is the way they can actually get proper results. If clients just attend a few sessions here and there they will feel instant benefit but to make their improvements lasting and thorough they have to commit themselves for longer and fit E Rejuvenation into their daily schedules.

We would like to introduce this concept to people we know and together with our friends we created 3 packages which include E Rejuvenation, Spine Rejuvenation and Private consultations. Here you can check more details and make inquiry.

Weekend packages are more for a wonderful anti stress experience. If you have some health problems however, then we would definitely recommend to consider a weekly or monthly package.

So there you go, we will be around for a couple of months, learning the concept and getting our own results so that we can present it better. If you have any question please just drop us an email. If you leave us a phone number we will gladly call you and explain all the details and help you find suitable accommodation as well.

Johny Miric

Co-founder of Mind Hero and wellness center Energy Clinic Hamburg. Follow him on Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook

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