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Taking a leap of faith

leap of faithLast Sunday we started with free live video streaming with Gwen’s “Instant Energy Recharge” sessions and here I would like to explain what is our aim. Most entrepreneurs build their businesses and services because they want to offer to others a solution to a problem which was bothering them in the past and which they overcame. Now we would like to present which our particular problems were which we were able to solve.

To explain this I would have to go back in my past, make some confession and talk about things which even many of my friends and family never knew about me. To avoid going into the great length I will just say that from a small age I was a very shy kid and this shyness later turned into a severe case of depression, a clinical depression which usually gets treated in hospital with medication, psychiatrists and ends up in a disability to function. At the age of 20, this depression became overwhelming and I used to have serious blackouts. For days I was not able to talk to anybody and I would just stay at home until I would feel better. Somehow I was managing to go to work but it took huge effort to stay motivated, focused and communicate with people. Most people never noticed that something is wrong with me and I was not willing to tell anybody at that stage.

I eventually realized I was desperate for help but I strictly ruled out taking medication. I wanted to find the root of the problem and solve it in a natural way. At the time I was also smoking marijuana quite regularly, which made things even worse. Luckily, after an incident with police, I was forced to stop marijuana for three months and I had to go for regular checks to prove that I’m clean. Due to that incident, my parents found out too so I was literally squeezed from all corners to finally quit that stuff, and I have to say that was the moment I started to come back to life.

At age 23 I began an intensive search for solutions for my depression, first by reading books and later by participating in various groups, visiting homeopaths, the church, Buddhist organizations, and various charities, just to get myself out of the normal routine and seek for a way out of this darkness. All these people and organizations had some answers but none of them gave a complete and satisfactory solution, but one by one they led me in the right direction.

After some years I finally met Boris and Danica from a tiny organization in Split called Put Svile (Silk Road). I was a bit skeptical in beginning, these two youngsters looked inexperienced, but after a few days I started to get very interested in what they were talking and the results they were showing and I realized they are actually bursting with knowledge which is truly unique and powerful.

I remember very well a day, maybe 2 weeks after I joined them. I was on my way home and I got this very strong recognition and it just exploded in my head:

“Johny, this really works, this really works!”

Sorry for some bad language but that was my true reaction. From that day I was 100% clear what my path and what is my role in this life.

But, regardless, following years weren’t that easy, not at all. I had to face my problems all the time, work on my physical weaknesses and learn about my genetic patterns which are stopping me from going forward and, additionally, build new business with Gwen. I’m so grateful to be able to spend hundreds of hours with Master Aiping Wang who thought me almost everything I know now and showed me the way how to build a business, take care of my health, balance relationships, have a good spirit and positive attitude at any given moment. I’m thankful for having Gwen beside me, she gives me unconditional support and helps me when I need help the most. I’m also thankful for all my new friends from all over the world who share same ideas and challenges and at any given time they are able to help.

It took several hard decisions to get myself where I’m now. Probably the hardest decision was in the beginning when Ivan, a guest instructor from Zagreb, was telling me that is really time for me to quit my job so I can move forward. I thought that he is mad and for several days I was completely ignoring his suggestion. I had debts all over the place and if I quit my job I will end up in big trouble.

But then one day it just got clear to me that if I want to revolutionize my life quitting my job is exactly the thing I should do. So I did it on the same day. The next 2 weeks were probably the hardest time in my life. Literally everybody I know was telling me that I have lost my mind and that I’m putting in danger my family, especially my parents who had financial difficulties and they were counting on my help. I had to handle that pressure and keep my belief that I’m on the right path, although I can’t say that I was 100% sure in what I was doing. But I had to give it a try.

Then came a course in Bol, Island Brac, for which I spend all my savings, sold my guitar and books and borrowed more money, and I went there with feeling it’s now or never. I came to the stage that I don’t care anymore. Either I will fail and everybody will mark me as a loser and lunatic, fine with me, or I will make it. I was in the stage that I simply didn’t care who thinks what about me. It was my life and I have to save it.

What happened from Brac onwards is an incredible story on its own. I met Gwen, we got together within a week and after 2 weeks we already decided to move to Germany and build a business together. She helped me to return all my debts, we went to courses all over the world, New Zealand, Tibet, Australia… and slowly my family and friends started to realize that I’m all fine. And I was fine, for the first time in my life.

It took a leap of faith to make this happen. I always compare this period with a scene from Indiana Jones movie where he had to step into the open space and believe that there is something to step on it. He did it and then he realized that there is a bridge, made of invisible material. That’s exactly how I felt during that period. Like stepping into the abyss.

Somebody would argue that meeting Gwen is just coincidence. I would tell him there is no such thing as coincidence. The universe is shaping reality around you according to your beliefs and confidence. If you take leap of faith, it will work every time. Sometimes not after first try but if you are consistent, it will work for sure.

So, here I’m now, more than 9 years since I started my journey and I feel ready to share my experience with whoever needs it. My wife Gwen had similar path as me, lots of wondering and depression but than finally managed to get her life into right direction and now together we are able to run a company, deal with endless problems, staff, costumers… and still remain happy, energized and ready for next challenge. This state of mind and spirit is something I could never imagine 10 years ago.

Now we see people like Gwen and me used to be all the time and we feel we can help, we feel we can give hope to all those people who are struggling with depression, feeling lost, lonely, weak and out of control. And not just hope, we can give solution.

Our Mind Hero app is for all those who feel they need help, they tried everything and nothing works. We want to tell you that every problem in this world comes in the same package with solution. You just have to keep searching and never give up. If you have some of those problems than you came to the right place, we are here to help you.

Take a leap of faith.

Johny Miric

Co-founder of Mind Hero and wellness center Energy Clinic Hamburg. Follow him on Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook

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