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Spring Is In The Air – A Few Tips On How To Get The Most Out Of It

This winter seems to be never ending but as sure as night becomes day, spring is on its way. I can tell when I start to get a bit nervous that my liver is waking up and starting to clean out the junk it has accumulated over the last winter and the rest! Some other symptoms of the liver starting to clean out can be headaches and slight nausea or muscle cramps. This is totally natural as we are connected to nature it makes sense that we respond to these patterns of the seasons, so why not take advantage of them.

I love Spring! It’s such a lively word, it fully expresses the return of the light, the sunshine and the flowers, birds sing again and we can put our bounce back. Spring is the time for new growth so if we follow nature we can receive this very positive message for our own health, get some of that powerful re-birthing too.

Just as we spring clean our houses, we need to de- clutter our bodies at this time of year as we tend to be more sedentary over the winter months and to eat heavier foods too our livers have become sluggish and need a re-boot. The liver function is key to digestion, so give it a break and boost its energy.

We have been juicing like crazy here at the Energy Rejuvenation Centre in Zagreb, anything green is favourite for livers, so lots of spinach, parsley, celery leaves and stalks, apples, grapefruit and lemons are all have great de-toxing properties. Personally, I like to keep it very simple and just take about 3 of above, as fresh as possible, wash and roughly chop, put in the blender with sufficient mineral water to blend effectively and I drink it morning and afternoon. There are lots or recipes about, so try a few and have fun creating your own personal blend.

The other thing that the liver really likes apart from fresh greens is peace and relaxation. Take a walk in the park or the country, breathe the fresh air, enjoy the daylight and stretch in your muscles. Try taking time to switch off and empty your mind by sitting quietly in a comfortable chair or lying on your bed and listening to a guided relaxation session to help you relax much deeper than by yourself. Make yourself a relaxing cup of camomile tea and try our free sample.

I have just incorporated these few simple and inexpensive habits into my lifestyle and so far I can say, I do feel fitter, more relaxed, my skin has improved, my eyes are brighter and I have much higher energy levels.

If you follow these simple tips you will feel renewed and re-energised and it makes a good foundation for the way the rest of your year will go. My advice is to invest a bit of time to take care this spring and enjoy a healthier happier and more peaceful year.

Fiona McLoughlin

Editor in chief, founder of clothes design studio Global Gypsy, lifestyle designer and mindfulness expert.

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