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11 Secrets for Good Sleep

baby-sleepDo you want to shoot some zzzzz’s and have a good sleep? Have a look at the sleep checklist we have compiled as a result of extensive research using basics of traditional Chinese medicine and personal testing.

No need to spend 30% of our lives asleep if we follow these steps to restorative rest. Free up more time for the fun things, like being creative, fitness, redressing the work life balance with more quality time available and enjoying our families, work and social life more too.

Follow these tips and you’ll be floating off to peaceful sleep and bouncing out of bed in the morning time!

  1. Limit your liquid intake after 6.30pm to give your kidneys a chance to rest and prevent the need to get up to pee in the night.

  2. Eat your larger meal in the middle of the day and make supper much lighter, soups, and fruits, so that your stomach and digestive system have a chance to clear and fast 12+ hours overnight.

  3. Take some gentle exercise to unwind, such as a swim, Tai Chi, Yoga, a short walk, gardening or just play with the kids.

  4. Do turn off the TV and put down the book and allow yourself to relax before bedtime… try creating a custom relaxation using our Mind Hero app and let that take you nicely off to ‘the land of nod’.

  5. Have a shower or warm bath before bed to wash away tension and wash the remains of the day away.

  6. Prop yourself up comfortably in bed and allow your head to totally empty of the days thoughts and activities. Make a note of anything important and then forget about it.

  7. Make sure your bed is warm and the mattress and pillows are comfortable, but you have a cooler air temperature in the bedroom. Sleeping in a stuffy room makes you wake up feeling heavy.

  8. Keep the bedroom clean and free from clutter and distractions and do not store things under the bed, this can disturb the feng shui too.

  9. Be tucked in by 11.00pm as the energy changes and becomes peak negative during the small hours so you don’t want to pick that up, if your goal is to rise and shine!

  10. If you can’t get off to sleep or you do wake up in the night, tell yourself. “I must sleep now”.  Repeat this until you get it as it’s a bad habit like so many things and you can give it up.  Believe it is possible and practice it.

  11. Go through all the things you are grateful for and thank everyone who gave you some lesson or experience today even if you felt bad at the time. Remind yourself how much you have to be happy about, let it all go and smile.

Sweet Dreams!

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Fiona McLoughlin

Editor in chief, founder of clothes design studio Global Gypsy, lifestyle designer and mindfulness expert.

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