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A quest for self development – fighting dragons!

fighting dragonAre we possibly ignoring a deep inner need – a quiet voice is trying to tell us something? Self- development is lots of questions, hard work, and determination, breaking old patterns and fighting those dragons!

How do we ever know if what we are told by others is the result of our own projections, a reflection of ourselves, the answers to our dreams or a higher truth, showing us the way forward?  The answer is we can’t unless we empty our minds of all these messages and connect with the universe, that way we get to see the bigger picture.

Our minds play such tricks on us, and the ego has the loudest voice, unless we learn to shut it up, they will run our lives and have us believing we are who they want us to be, the results of age-old family traits. That blocked energy becomes sickness and negative thoughts drive us crazy not to mention all those mainstream media messages we are bombarded with everywhere. We can become weak, unmotivated and ill because of the heritage of bad genes – don’t worry, we all have them, the baggage of unkempt emotions, the lack of awareness plus our bad behavior which combine to create low consciousness, heavy karma, and general disease. No wonder we become depressed, fail to reach our natural potential and don’t get the life results we want.

If we follow a spiritual practice like yoga or self-awareness program, something that teaches that thoughts are generally negative and not useful, we become trained to go over them, to switch from a busy mind to an empty head, from an anxious and stressed body to peaceful and happy person.  When we meditate, to quiet the mind and switch off the background noise, we enter a place of deep peace and inner calm, where we are completely safe and everything becomes clear. This is called giving up self – the reward of ultimate freedom from our old genes, thoughts, and beliefs and material possessions.

Most of us don’t know that much about ourselves, maybe we are scared to admit it or we don’t like what we see but if we can be honest with ourselves and brave to face whatever it is, that is the point at which we have the power to change. We have a choice and it is our duty to act, if we do not, we cheat ourselves and actually go against truth. God wants us to be happy, healthy, and creative to contribute and be empowered. Not to be victims of our karma to hang on to the past.

Let go of the chains, kill the dragon, you are free to walk away now. Go in peace.

Fiona McLoughlin

Editor in chief, founder of clothes design studio Global Gypsy, lifestyle designer and mindfulness expert.

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