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Heavenly Water – Something beautiful happens when you say… Thank you!

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If you consider messages make us what we are,  we can absorb any message water has experienced  and you look at the work of Dr. Masuru Emoto, the renowned Japanese researcher, you’ll get some idea of it’s potential.  

His legendary photographic studies of water crystals, show us just how messages such as ‘love’, ‘hate’ and ‘gratitude’ affect the water crystals, and then you can begin to understand the power and incredible nature of water.

‘Much of the universe’s water is produced as a byproduct of star formation, making it truly heavenly.’ To gain maximum benefit from this wonderful gift we need to consider a few more details.

It’s the ‘norm’ to serve a glass of water with cubes of ice, however it may come as a surprise to hear that’s not so healthy and its far better to drink your water warm.

Boiled water cooled down to a drinkable temperature expands our organs as we drink so it helps them to flush the waste they have collected from the previous day. It also conserves precious energy as the body doesn’t have to work to heat the water up.  Warm water will also stimulate the bowel and encourage it to loosen mucous and any heavier matter from the colon easing elimination.

It’s obvious when I haven’t drunk enough water, as I start to get a headache and feel tired or extra hungry.  The number one cure for all of these symptoms is, before you do anything else, drink some water.  Kidneys like to be hydrated; it helps them to function as they are totally connected to the ‘element’ of ‘water’ in Chinese astrology.

I often feel a resistance (another ’kidney’ connected behaviour) to drinking water but as soon as I do, I feel good.  The idea of drinking plain water can be dull, so a way around this adding a squeeze of fresh lemon juice that will make it more interesting and assists the cleaning and adds some vitamins.  For those who tend to suffer with a slow or constipated digestive system the addition of a teaspoon of honey can improve the action, along with more exercise and roughage of course.

To rise before dawn and start to flush the toxins from your body by sipping several glasses, of pre-boiled, warm, mineral water is the way to start the elimination process.
Spending some quiet time in the early morning to go to the toilet, relax, sip water will make a huge difference to your day. You will fell so much fresher, cleaner and lighter and ready to go out take some fresh air, morning exercise and welcome the new day.

Life Cycle of Water
The incredible journey water goes on, travelling across the sky as clouds, falling in droplets or as snow onto mountains, flowing in streams and rivers across the earth, travelling deep underground, through rocks and caverns absorbing minerals, then sitting in lakes, being purified by the sunshine, or frozen into glaciers and icebergs for millions of years before melting into the sea to cross the oceans as a wave, crash on a shore of some faraway beach, then evaporate and float back up to the sky. Wow!

It’s not just a matter of 2 litres a day
Water is one of our most basic needs.  Like everything we put into our bodies, the source and the purity of it will affect us, every cell of our bodies and all the bodily fluids.

‘Scientists and Homeopaths have proven the memory of water; the carrying capacity of water for energy, and the ability of water to remember.’
Always carry water with you and remember, to be ‘grateful’ for the water, and saying ‘thank you’ to the water for providing us with  a wonderful way to purify, nourish and instruct ourselves.

Fiona McLoughlin

Editor in chief, founder of clothes design studio Global Gypsy, lifestyle designer and mindfulness expert.

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