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Why is Relaxation the Number One Tool to get Healthy and stay that way?

Health and health related topics have basically been my profession for the last eight years. To be able to help somebody you have to turn yourself into a guinea pig and try all different methods to see which ones are working. Needless to say, artificial medication, operations and other intrusive methods were never part of my research, there are plenty of people doing just that.

I travelled to every corner of the world, from New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Nepal to the north of China and all the way to less exotic countries like the United Kingdom, Switzerland and the USA. On these travels I witnessed and tested dozens of methods, some less successful, some more; some I have incorporated into my daily practice, while some just have to be forgotten – that’s how bad they are :-).

In my daily routines I practice many common tactics and exercises to keep myself fit. This includes healthy, organic food, very little meat, lots of water and other usual stuff. I do not practice any vigorous exercises like jogging and fitness regimes because they mostly strain our bodies and we might end up with some unexpected injuries, so I only do soft exercises like swimming and walking which are very effective and bring us into shape also.

But besides all this, the most important part of my daily routine is relaxation which I practice 1–3 times a day, each for 30 min. Eating healthy food and doing exercises does feel good and we do benefit from it but in my experience these techniques are limited and we can only get so far with them.

When I practice relaxation I feel like my body is getting something which is not accessible in the normal world around us, and after each “session” I feel like every cell in my body got kicked, moved, refreshed and forced to act better. This is something which can’t be reproduced by any food, fitness technique or medication, and it feels completely natural.

I see people jogging every day – there is a jogging track just near my working place – and each time when I see the facial expressions of people while they are eating the miles, I can see very clearly that this is not a solution for a long and healthy life. None of them are relaxed, they are full of thoughts and the only way to avoid those is to play some loud music in their ears, or watch TV if they are indoors.

They might feel better after that but the main blockage, which is actually stress accumulated in our minds and energy circles, is still there and it’s getting bigger and bigger each day.

These days when you tell somebody to relax they relate that to watching films, reading a book or going for coffee with a friend. These are just mind entertainments but if you really want to relax and benefit from it you have to learn how to completely let go of the world around you.

This might sound very scary but that’s the exact point, we live our lives by relying 24 hours a day on some kind of entertainment. Even while we sleep we do not let go – we dream, we move, we talk or we are out of consciousness, but we are not letting go of the world around us, and we keep bringing our problems to the bed too.

I suggest you try it, play one of our relaxation tracks – we always have free ones available – and learn how to truly let go of the world around you; once you come back from that short journey see how the world will look much better than it did half an hour ago, and you will feel that your body and mind is fully ready to get back to it.

Johny Miric

Co-founder of Mind Hero and wellness center Energy Clinic Hamburg. Follow him on Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook

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