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Cynicism, not a healthy option

Cynical babyPeople of all wakes of life enjoy making cynical remarks or take a cynical angle on life. Today we find peoples’ comments all over the internet and are sometimes able to follow the steady stream of bitter language at our leisure. So it wasn’t just one bad day where they couldn’t see the bright or light side of things, it’s a behavior, a habit, a culture. Often cynicism is coupled with cleverness and seems quite impressive, but after a while we get tired of it and long for some positive input.

Cynicism is one kind of clever anger. It seems to be just words but anger is linked to a damaged liver. This physical damage may have a genetic root or may be acquired through an unhealthy lifestyle or bad living or working conditions. Was one of our parents or grand parents drinking on a regular basis, or even merely smoking? If you look at Russian, Irish or Scottish ancestry, we have the vodka or whisky lifestyle, which gets reflected in depressed or in a milder form, angry offsprings. Did someone of a previous generation wear glasses (the eyes are connected with the liver) or do we ourselves have week eye sight? Then there is also a damaged liver. This condition will result in bitterness and nastiness, if not healed, which will in turn disturb not only our family and friends but also ourselves. Giving in to negative and swear words will actually aggrevate our own condition.

In the past some mothers would make their child wash his mouth, if he used bad language. There was the understanding, that bad words would soil us, that we would need to wash, to clean up. I use to think this measure was cruel and rediculous, but negative language means sending negative messages to others and ourselves. Not a good idea.

Messages are so powerful. Just think lemon, lemon, lemon, imagine a lemon, its colour and juicyness, and not before long we begin to salivate. But there is no lemon in sight!

The message alone will have the physical effect.

We live in a message world. Words are very powerful. So it matters what we say and how we say it. We can’t say whatever we want, whenever we want.

To resist our negative output means to take a powerful step towards the well being of the world and our personal health. It takes time to quit the habit of cynicism, but after a while we feel more happy, more positive, more creative and we shall have results of success and satisfaction. We have actually become more healthy.

And now, what about thinking?

Gwen Hoffmann

Co-founder of wellness center Energy Clinic Hamburg

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