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iPhone & Android apps, new Store, more products…

Android appiPhone appWe’ve been working very hard since our last newsletter to get our new baby into shape and to meet the demand and higher standards of the ever-growing internet by ironing out bugs,
improving the layout, adding new features, products etc. Now when we look back on the last 6 weeks we can only say wow, that’s a lot of stuff coming out of our long working ours and sleepless nights.

The most exciting thing is that we got our iPhone and Android apps out. They were put together in quite a short time and you can expect some great improvements there soon. We want mobile to be our main tool for maintaining your health and wellbeing and we have some exciting features in the pipeline to achieve that.

From the tech point of view, we completely rebuilt our Store which is now running on WordPress CMS (important info for all the geeks out there). You can browse products now by category, author and language, plus we improved the checkout experience.

We got our blog out which will be our main communication tool with users, next to Twitter and Facebook of course. We also added a section Podcasts where you will be able to listen ourexperts talking on every major topic you can imagine in the area of health and wellbeing.

We removed two services, private consultations and classes. We want to keep our website simple, not to overload it with too many things. There will be time for experimenting with additional services later.

From the product side, we have also loads of new ones, like for example “Rise above exam stress” for all those who are shaking in the current exam fever, “Relax while you eat” for those having problems with irregular or over-eating and “For parents who can’t get enough sleep” – the title says it all 🙂

And last but not least, we got our Facebook Audio Player up and running.

And that would be all, not too shabby for a 3 month old baby? 🙂

Special thanks goes to Vito, Rok and Niko who pulled together most of the technical part in a pretty amazing way. They are a great team and we are very happy to have them with us.

Please have a look at all these new features, feel free to give us feedback on Twitter, Facebook, by email or in blog comments.

We wish you a nice day.

and the Oceen team

Johny Miric

Co-founder of Mind Hero and wellness center Energy Clinic Hamburg. Follow him on Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook

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