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Relax – it’s Me Time

For me, relaxing is the best thing since smoking pot, lying in, hanging out and wild parties!  It’s normal part of my life now and I would never give it up.  It’s the single most useful thing I have ever learnt in my life.  It’s my “me time”


When I say relaxing, for me that is following the way my Instructors have taught me, which is to simply sit in a chair and close my eyes, relax my face, neck and shoulders, open my mouth and breathe deeply into my stomach and lower belly. First of all I go into myself as I shut down the non essential functions such as fidgeting, focusing your eyes and holding myself up and thinking about all sorts of random stuff, then I am able to move out, far away into space.

Just breathing in deeply, I start to tingle and experience fluttering in my belly, then as I start to feel the energy flow. It’s a quiet place, very still and empty, I can’t feel your body anymore, it’s as though I’ve melted into a warm sea.  I feel safe and totally natural, happy, limit less and without thoughts.  I guess I just love the other worldliness of it, exploring, being out there.  In some ways it is similar to feelings and far out experiences I have had with drugs but it never feels like it could get out of control in a bad way or that it’s damaging for my health or illegal.  Quite the opposite, my health has become better and better, so much so that I never need to use medication or go to the doctor anymore, except if I want to check up.

I am so confident that any health problem I have can be solved with this technique, which is a huge relief.  I know if I have aching shoulders, or that I feel shivery like I may get a cold or I am feeling emotional, I have to relax.  I have even pulled over whilst driving and stopped in a lay by, but my seat back stretched out my legs, put a CD on.

Relaxation gives me that power I need, instead of a coffee break, as I want to get a lot done and without it I feel irritated and frustrated as I don’t have enough energy of my own to get it all done.  It ‘s the freedom, that I crave, that expanded, happy state where nothing matters and I feel connected to all those around you, that feeling that I am a part of something bigger and not alone.

Practising Relaxation, means, I am not nervous or worried and I get lots of energy so I can be much more creative, which makes me very happy and it gives me deep peace which I just can’t get anywhere else.

I am not tired or hungry or emotional.  I feel more balanced, calm and coming from my centre much more than before. If I am having a difficult time, it is better than talking for hours on the phone to your best friend to sort a problem, it changes everything and my problems can disappear quickly.

I can totally shut down the physical and mental and do nothing for a while. It’s a break, a power nap but I try not to sleep as I know I get so much more energy when i can just flow with it.  I go into myself as I shut down the non essential functions such as fidgeting, focusing your eyes and holding your self up and then I am able to open up and move out it seems like far away into space.  It’s a quiet place, very still and empty, I can’t feel my body anymore, it’s gone, I am gone, it’s just so well, relaxing!

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Fiona McLoughlin

Editor in chief, founder of clothes design studio Global Gypsy, lifestyle designer and mindfulness expert.

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