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Natural high is new healthy high

What does it mean to be high?

We feel “up” as opposed to “down”, our mood is elevated, and we feel light, carefree and happy. It’s such a great feeling that when we are on a high, we believe everything is possible, that we are capable of achieving our goals, we are invincible, beautiful and full of life!

So how can we create this desirable feeling naturally and be sure we are on a high everyday?
It’s so desirable that some of us resort to artificial means to reach it and keep it, having a few drinks, some drugs from the doctor or marijuana or coke can give us that lift and extra boost when we are feeling tired but at what price? They work but they are addictive, have side effects and damage our health and worse still, they make our own bodies systems stop functioning for themselves, so we gradually become more dependant on these external artificial substances. We can loose our health and our power.

There is nothing positive about using drugs, from the effects on the body’s organs and systems, to our unnatural behavior, they damage our finances, relationships with our friends, families and society. The appeal of drink and drugs, is that in the short term they work and are quick and easy to get hold of.
For a Natural high, we need health, relaxation and a goal and we have to practice everyday to get results.

Knowing how to create the same effect as a quick hit completely naturally is not so well known to most of us and it takes a bit more conscious effort to achieve. However the benefits are incredible as apart from increasing your health, improving your immune system, boosting your energy levels and letting your spirit fly. You are actually developing your consciousness, empowering yourself through choosing the “not so easy”, at first but “much easier in the long run”, approach to your life.

Learning how to relax to refuel our bodies with fresh, positive energy, is the way to achieve this super natural high.

If we really knew how much health is connected to the results we get in life, we would take care of it like a priceless treasure. We would look at the time spent learning how to breathe properly, as an investment. Basically our bodies are our vehicles and we need to keep them in good working order. Just like a racing car, if we want to perform at our best we need to be firing on all cylinders, use the best fuel, energy, the top mechanics, which means that all our organs must be in balance and working smoothly, no sickness or damage and we need to get the best coach to train us.

The high is created, when we receive fresh, positive energy, which pushes against the old, negative energy and creates friction. The faster this friction, the higher we can be and longer we can maintain it. This movement in life, the exchange of energy and our goals driving us forwards that creates this high totally naturally.

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Fiona McLoughlin

Editor in chief, founder of clothes design studio Global Gypsy, lifestyle designer and mindfulness expert.

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