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Angelina Jolie Gone Totally Bust

It’s a hot potato of a topic and perhaps it is too emotive for some, however, If people are naive, very frightened and misinformed and they do not question the status quo then nothing changes.

They may feel the very fabric of their belief system is threatened and under attack when facing the hideous fact that there may actually be some truth in this.

For those who are comfortable with alternative medicine or energy medicine, it’s obvious there are “choices” but for the masses that believe the media and are not so into natural health, they can’t understand so it’s safer to listen to the medics, the pharmacists, the celebrities and the spin doctors! Is it brave to follow the hardcore ‘no drugs and no surgery’ line… or simply crazy? Ask yourself  “Is breast removal as a cancer preventative normal!”

When we are talking about something as irreversible as removing body parts, it’s forever.

She presumably got the best counsel on this and made her “choice” and I respect that, but I suggest that Angelina Jolie, with all of fame and followers, may have chosen to consider the consequences of such a drastic surgical procedure, as the multitudes will simply follow her regardless. There could be a tidal wave of copycat pointless breast removals!  So what are the alternatives?

A total lifestyle change most important are correcting behavior, essential is relaxation, coaching and support is a key, then diet, supplements,  exercise, work, and activities. This is the obvious first step, but was this an option she was made aware of and is it other women in her situation?

Apparently, Angelina has certain cancer carrying gene BRCA1, which since this story hit the media has enjoyed a swift rise in value on the stock market…that’s strange too.

As I understand, she has not actually got cancer and the 87% chance of getting it that has been quoted quite inaccurately too. The actual odds are apparently far lower. I am not saying it’s easy and I don’t know if indeed she sold out to the genome industry but did anyone tell her it is possible that she could change her health situation for the better without going to this shocking “choice”?

That’s what life has come down to a probability, a percentages, and politics for profit …It’s a test of our faith and morality.

Is it a new advanced treatment that replaces removing diseased tissue or something archaic and barbaric? I thought cancer travels throughout the body, via the bloodstream and lymphatic system, so what does that leave us with? That makes one wonder about prostate cancer, should men who could perhaps develop it, remove their testicles for example? How often does this happen that doctors remove healthy organs to prevent disease?

I know it is possible to make that change and to go over a life challenge because I have done it and seen others prove it too but it takes commitment, a clear goal, certain faith, discipline and determination to totally change your destiny by natural means. It is necessary to get the best support and I recommend energy training starting with relaxation as key to releasing negative behavior and getting a positive life result.

Fiona McLoughlin

Editor in chief, founder of clothes design studio Global Gypsy, lifestyle designer and mindfulness expert.

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