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Take a bite

taking_a_bite_appleIn German, the saying goes you will develop an appetite once you start eating. This principle does not only apply to food but any other activity and life itself.
When we are not balanced, we want to resist certain activities, we are judgmental and lack enthusiasm. We don´t like this, we prefer that and we are full of opinion. When we are healthy, there isn´t anything annoying, too much or boring. We have an appetite for life, and certainly, this is coupled with a good appetite for all wonderful food.
To increase our quality of life, health and creative ability, we need to understand about day by day. Taking a bite at a time and then another and day by day that dreaded activity will become palatable, then enjoyable and there we shall have mastered ourselves that much more and become stronger. And sorry but, all those who keep on avoiding challenges, it’s not that thing but it’s you who is the problem.
So whether at work or in your private life, whether you are not letting go of negative habits, not taking care of your health and finding fault in situations and others, don’t be deluded, delay no more, never fear and accept the challenge, take a bite and then another and break the spell of low ability!

Also published on Medium.

Gwen Hoffmann

Co-founder of wellness center Energy Clinic Hamburg

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