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How to judge a book without covers

As you probably know, I’m running Energy Clinic wellness in 5 star Atlantic hotel and everyday I’m seeing dozens of guests coming to use our pool and sauna facilities. Occasionally part of my job is to be on reception so I use that chance to offer massage treatments to visitors while they are on the way to the pool. The key factor here is to guess which person belongs to which level of society so I can accordingly brush my approach. You definitely don’t want to waste time offering 300 € wellness package to somebody who paid for the room maybe 60 €.

Although Atlantic is 5 star hotel, they actually have quite big variety of clients. From lower end, like those who are coming in groups with buses or got the room through some special actions, and all the way to the cream of society like actors, singers, politicians and big corporation owners and CEOs.

Problem is that most of these people come in their bathrobes to us so you definitely can’t judge them by type of clothes they have or amount of gold, silver and expensive watches they carry.

What I really noticed is the difference in general posture, movements and the look in their eyes. More successful people are mostly bursting with confidence from all levels, they move with confidence, they sit with confidence and they look you with confidence. Generally, they are more clear, more focused and very quickly can decide what they want and what they like.

Once they start talking it gets very obvious with what kind of level of people you are dealing with but here I would rather put focus on just visual part in situation when you don’t have any visual guidance.

So the question is what is essentially the difference between successful and less successful people? It’s definitely not the money on their account or car they have in the garage or clothes they wear. The key difference is much deeper on energy and conciseness level. Successful people have more radiant, lively energy and this can be easily seen within few seconds, just while they are approaching to you in their bathrobes and slippers 🙂

Many people think that wealth comes out of some kind of luck and is related to good circumstances but my conclusion, after observing successful people for last 8 years, is that wealth is coming from certain type of behavior and lifestyle where they discipline themselves to become better in everything they do. The money is just end result of such behavior and clearly represents the level of their energy and conciseness.

In some cases it might look like money came to the wrong kind of people, who can’t be really described as high conciseness ones, but in this case it’s more karmic thing, somehow they deserved that money from their previous life and contributions. In some cases people also get accidentally large amounts of money just as test so they can learn some important lesson.

After all, there is no mistake, life is fair on every level and we have no grounds to judge anybody for having something or think that is not deserved. As you can see from my little experiment / observation, people with money behave different but not because they have money but because they have different energy level and conciseness and money is just reflection of it.

I’m coming from relatively lower class family and I used to judge successful people a lot. In this last 8 years I had chance to see how they function and I’m grateful to be able to learn from them. Once you accept the difference then it’s much easier to work on that gap and become a person your really want to be.


Johny Miric

Co-founder of Mind Hero and wellness center Energy Clinic Hamburg. Follow him on Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook

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