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In beginning was the Word

Everything in life starts with a decision, once we decide something the universe will provide an opportunity and a solution to make it happen.

We usually express decisions in words, either spoken out loud or just in our minds.

In the beginning was the Word”, remember that one? There is a good reason why everything started with one Word. The word has power to create and manifest reality around us and all we have to do is to be clear about what we want and then pull the trigger by saying it aloud to make it happen. In some cases we might have to repeat it quite often, but eventually it will start things off and we will witness a change in our reality.

So what is the magic power behind the word?

For centuries people believed that we invented talking so that humans can communicate with each other, but this is just half of the picture, we use words to communicate with the energy field around us too.

Each word contains energy, a real physical matter, a charging, which can be measured. Please check the wonderful research on this topic by Dr Masaru Emoto to learn more about this.

Once the word is spoken it creates a frequency, and this frequency communicates with the energy field around us. Each word represents a certain type of frequency but that doesn’t mean that the same words have the same power to manifest reality.

It really depends on the person who is speaking it so, for example, the words ”I love you” coming from a person who really means it can create a much better effect on other people than when it comes from somebody who is not very sincere about it. The level of energy produced by an insincere person will be much lower.

Not only spoken words contain energy, this is also case for written words, paintings, artistic design, music or any other product of our creativity.

That’s why some books we call holy, like the Bible; this is not because somebody just named it like that, it’s because it contains high levels of energy, and books like the Bible must have been packed with energy considering that even after several millenniums they still influence millions of people.

Why do some pieces of art, like from a van Gogh painting or music from Beethoven, last so long? This is only because they have input a certain level of energy into it and, even a few centuries later, people can feel it and get inspired.

The energy field is all around us and we are interacting with it all the time. This energy field is connecting us with every living thing in the universe and the way we interact with it is greatly responsible for what kind of life reality we will experience.

All our products at Oceen are made with this in mind. Through our recordings we are helping you to discover your own connection with this energy field and we teach you how to use it to solve your problems and to bring new reality into your life.

Johny Miric

Co-founder of Mind Hero and wellness center Energy Clinic Hamburg. Follow him on Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook

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