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What is relaxation?

Sit in a comfortable chair, expose and expand your belly and chest, lift your head, calm your mind, open your mouth, smile and breathe deeply.

Now imagine in front of you an endless audience of beings of light all the way to the sun.

Yes, all the way to the sun. A massive audience of angels.

Now imagine that your belly is connecting with all of them with invisible strings and beings of light are delivering energy to you, touching every cell of your body, specially those areas where you feel some problems or blockage.

You don’t have to do anything, you don’t have to think anything, the magic will happen by itself, just keep your focus and vision on this process for about 30 minutes or even more if you can.

Do this properly and you will feel energized and unlimited within seconds and it can last whole day.

And that’s what relaxation is.

You don’t have to read tons of books or attend endless seminars, just practice this every single day and watch your life transform.


Image credits: John’s World blog

Johny Miric

Co-founder of Mind Hero and wellness center Energy Clinic Hamburg. Follow him on Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook

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