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OCEEN Live Stream – Instant Energy Recharge feedback

BatteryMy first experience of “Instant Energy Recharge” is of a very modern mix of, personal development training, a visit to an oracle and a help line………if you can imagine that?
I was not sure if I was supposed to be on Skype and the Live Stream so ended up on both. There was a disturbing echo, so I turned off Skype thinking that was the cause of the time delay but it was still audible.  I was staying at a friend’s home in the UK and had connected to the online stream coming from Hamburg.  Several other clients actually present at the live session. There was another girl online too, so there was probably a lot of connecting and balancing everything at first. Being only the second of this format with the Live Stream as a new addition, we understood there were probably a few technical bugs to be ironed out.
Being accustomed to having Energy sessions on Skype audio, to have the “Live Stream” video up was interesting and fun as another dimension.  However, as the point of this session is to receive energy, it is not necessary to see what is happening but it may be more approachable for new people.  
As the energy started to build we relaxed more and accepted how it was, choosing to focus on listening and relaxing more. The presenter, Gwen had a lovely soothing voice and introduced the session with a question, “What is Energy?” Her definition and simple basics set the stage and built the energy as she gave very clear explanation of the differences between “being alive and not being alive”.  It was so simple yet interesting we immediately started to relax and I felt the energy start to flow in my body as it become warm.
It had been a rather stressful start as I had invited my friend’s daughter who had not slept much as she had been worrying and suffering from constipation and was not up yet.  She finally appeared having missed the introduction and we snuggled on the sofa under a duvet with mugs of hot lemon water.  
As she was new, I realised she did not know how to interact with the session. I guess people need some guidance to the etiquette and it was a bit last minute getting her there.  She just wanted to listen at first.  Gwen asked if any one had any questions as we would now Relax. No one asked, Scarlet was shy, so we were guided into a relaxation which was really simple but effective.
As I guided into the Relaxation, my belly it started to gurgle and I could hear Scarlet’s belly was making noises too. I told her don’t worry that is good, especially for her as she was so blocked there and it meant that energy was working to push out any blockage.
When Gwen said, “Let go of your self”, she sat up and said, “What does that mean” ? There are also certain phrases which we take for granted, which someone new may not understand especially for native English speakers,  as the usage of certain words is different to everyday spoken language.
The echo was still noticeable but it did diminish, it made it seem like a “brainwashing” experience.  Which of course it is but only in the best possible way, in that the messages you receive are all positive and help you to release your own old more negative ones!
Scarlet’s comment was, “It’s a bit like Samaritans, only…….it’s more useful”.
Johny asked a question,” How to survive in Rabbit Year?
Scarlet again asked, “What does that mean”?  
Gwen, who was presenting the session did a good clear background of the Chinese 12 Animal Astrological Calendar and I reminded Scarlet that she is a “Horse”.  It was suggested that people often look like or have characteristics of their Animal sign.  Scarlet agreed she had a long face like a horse and I said “At least you have long legs too and I have the Rooster’s beak!!  We laughed and that made it lighter.  
She suddenly said she did want to ask something about “Letting go of the past”. She feels she has made a lot of mistakes and worries about them at night. But she said she was still shy to ask. I thought I should have explained to her that it is good to ask for your self, just be brave. But this time I asked for her and once it was out she relaxed a bit more.
The presenter immediately found her weak points or patterns in behaviour she recognised and was surprised that someone she had never met could know about her. She was interested and listened to what came.
Then someone else who was present in the session room asked a question in German so that was another interesting dimension, I think the lady was Chinese, so it was becoming even more International.
By the end, the other girl who was online was coughing a lot and the presenter reminded her that this was just more “releasing” and was good, just as I had explained to Scarlet about the noises in our bellies.  
So all in all, it was a convenient, fresh, fun, educational without being boring and entertaining experience on many levels and it felt like a great way to start a day recharged and full of positive energy.

Fiona McLoughlin

Editor in chief, founder of clothes design studio Global Gypsy, lifestyle designer and mindfulness expert.

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