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Introducing Love Destiny – Chinese Astrology for Relationships

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It is something that people are either interested in or totally skeptical and dismissive of, in the West, however in the East it’s a different story. Destiny is taken very seriously, especially to do with love, money, marriage, business partners and babies; in fact in China they will count your sign (astrological animal from the year you are born and element from time and place) and make all important life decisions accordingly. Whereas in the West we tend to make these very important life decisions on the basis of our own feelings or hormones or what our friend thinks and then we wonder why we have so many problems and our relationships get horribly messy.

So can having a Destiny reading help you to understand….yourself, your partner and your relationship? Absolutely, if you are like me and interested in the Stars, Zodiac and Horoscopes, then you will love to add some more depth to your research and to get to know your Chinese Animal and Element to see if there is any cross over and similarities in your personality type according to each system and maybe find out something new about your partner too, who is most supportive, will make you the happiest or most successful?

The key to all good relationships is to first understand ourselves, fairly obvious really but how many of us know who we really are?…… Let alone what we want from life and our partner……… true love, support, money, good business, happy family, or soul mates?

What makes a compatible partner?

That depends on what you want….. Using the Chinese 5 Elements can help you to see yourself in a different way, as it’s more involved than the Western Zodiac with its 4 elements. As a Scorpio with Leo Rising in Western Astrology and a Yin Wood Rooster in Chinese, I can see certain traits and patterns which are attributed to both being true for me. I love to look at my friends relationships and of course potential partners, according to their charts. I know that a good match for me could be a man who is Yang Metal and either an Ox or Snake for example, if I want to develop myself, whereas if I want to support my health I may go for a Yang Earth guy. If you choose passion or family life your mate will be a different type. So you see, we have to know what we need and what we want to make the right choices.

According to Chinese Astrology, we can all be divided into an elemental type according to the nature, of the following basic elements:-

Water Fire Earth Wood Metal

We are all one of the following as each element has either a masculine or feminine value attached to it as well, what are romantically known as the 10 Heavenly stems :-

Yin Water, Yin Fire, Yin Earth, Yin Wood and Yin Metal (female or – negative)

Yang Water, Fire, Yang Earth, Yang Wood, Yang Metal (male or + positive)

The beautiful thing for me about these elements and their sub divisions, is that the descriptions are very poetic and conjure up a feeling of a person in a very different way to the Western Zodiac categories and the nature of the spirit of the animal according to the year of birth adds another aspect. We will talk more about the 12 Animals later.

To understand the relationship between the elements and the interactions between them in nature is the key to understanding our relationships with others. Which ones are productive, which ones destroy, which ones control and so on in order to understand how to maximise the strengths and minimise the weaknesses.

Destiny is determined in a similar way to a Western horoscope, which is to perform a calculation based on the persons date, time and place of birth. The more specific the details, the more accurate the calculation will be.

The properties for each of the 5 Elements have been detailed in previous OCEEN blogs by our own rising star, Edi Carr, so I won’t go back over everything again. For anyone who is interested in learning the characteristics and patterns for these, check this and the other individual element blogs as they will provide a clear picture for you.

To give some examples, is an interesting way to explore and test out how it works so let’s look at some real people and have a look for clues in their love destinies and then we will show you how you can learn more about your own Destiny too.

Anyone who is following OCEEN blogs knows we love our celebrities and often look to their lifestyle and behaviour as models, so let’s see if we can understand a little bit about why they have that special “chemistry”………………. more on this coming soon! And don’t forget to let us know who you are interested in?

Fiona McLoughlin

Editor in chief, founder of clothes design studio Global Gypsy, lifestyle designer and mindfulness expert.

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