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Making the best of your time – How to understand better your natural body clock

Life ClockOne particular reason, why we are often stressed, is that we do not manage our time very well. If we would know and follow the natural law, we would have much more energy which gives more real time and we would be able to enjoy the things we need to accomplish.

For thousands of years wise people have observed nature and found rythmes and patterns which repeat and repeat forever and are therefore the truth.

The planets move according to regular patterns, the sun rises and sets every day, the seasons come and go and we, as part of nature and the universe are directly connected to these movements. Each of our organs responds to specific movements, which we call hours and nobody is an exception.

What some may consider old fashioned is the great wisdom, that regularity is the best time and energy saver. If we look at important people’s lifestyles and extensive life span, we will find out, that they follow a specific regime and have good habits.

Success, fame and fulfillment only happen if we have plenty of energy.

First of all we need to check our sleeping patterns. Sleep is particularly efficient at particular times. Luckily its easy to remember because the golden time is 11 to 1 o’clock night and noon. A good night’s sleep does not need to be long as long as 8 hours. For many active and productive adults 5 hours or even less is sufficient.

If you don’t keep your night time sleeping hours of 11 pm to 1 am, you strain your systems unduly and will drain your creative energy very quickly. The Gallbladder is not allowed to relax and release during its designated time of rest. If beyond that we are out and about we expose ourselves to the general releasing of everybody elses gallbladder. This is the “biley” period, avoided by sensitive people and formerly considered the time of the “devil” or “witches” hour of Midnight, the time when dark business peaks and shady folks are active. 

Although we don’t live in the dark ages any more, where night time was really totally dark, the same organ times and functions apply. Electricity and electronics allow us to conceive our 24 hours as homogenous, and this mistake will only become apparent as we get older, where many get weak and sick, whereas others remain fit and happy for much longer.

Our lunch hours are valuable time to preserve a good and strong heart. No time to have important meetings, do sports or skip the meal and do just whatever! No, it’s heart rest time. Enjoy a good lunch, relax, walk or take a nap and your heart will thank your for it, keep you joyful, popular and brave.

We all need to eat, except for a few breatharians, and here again, there are optimum times to do so, times when we can actually digest and be nourished. 

Breakfast happens from 7-9, stomach time, Lunch from 11 am to 1 pm and Dinner not after 6pm, and a light one too.

To get our sleeping and eating patterns right will provide us with a lot of energy.

Now many will say, they don’t have conditions to observe these times, but step by step and day by day small changes in the right direction will give good results and create an incentive to find a way to get it right as often as possible.

But before I end this blog one more thing needs to be mentioned. We eat and digest and eliminate our food. Sorry, but we all need toilet training. You may be surprised, but there is an optimum time for what should only be one poo per day. Between 5 and 7 am, the large intestine is at work. At least before breaking the fast, before breakfast, we should have got rid of any remains of the day before. Only then do we have a true appetite for fresh nourishment.

Every 2 hours a different part of our body is instructed from the universe to be active or rest in order to maintain an optimum balance of body, mind and soul. To learn about the law of nature in one post is like trying to eat a whole pig in one go. Life is huge and learning its laws will take time, but is more important than any other learning. 



Gwen Hoffmann

Co-founder of wellness center Energy Clinic Hamburg

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