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10 Chinese Main Elements: Yang Wood – Sensitive Yet Powerful Tree

At "The Alamo" in San Antonio, Texas, USA ~ a Live Oak tree

Photo credit: turtlemom4bacon on Flickr

Yang Wood people seem strange or weird, as they are very particular, uncompromising or even stubborn about their lifestyle and living conditions. Their family, friends and colleagues often feel they can’t handle these people. Yang Wood people are like trees, with roots, stem, boughs, branches, leaves and fruit and need specific conditions to survive and thrive. If the conditions are not met, the tree will die or not grow.

A tree needs water, earth, sun and wind. If any of these elements is missing, the tree does not stand a chance. A tree cannot be moved, unless great care is exercised, a tree fears the axe or saw for its life, a tree dreads earthquakes, fires and floods, a tree, though it looks so strong and solid, is a delicate part of nature we actually need badly, as it gives shade, stability, fruit and beauty and above all oxygen.

Living and working with Yang Wood people is often trying. First they check out the conditions, make their own unbending programs, and if they don’t they can’t put their roots down, can’t settle. This is a lengthy procedure and it becomes apparent, that we need a lot of patience when dealing with Yang Wood people. They seem to always need something and not give out so much. They have their habits and routines, which they cannot abandon easily. They are rather inflexible. They are also very, very attached to their mother (earth). This is more extreme in men. The poor wives have mother-in-law around or quoted a lot, as constant competition. When a Yang Wood’s mother dies they are very much effected and they feel totally lost for a long time..

Yang Wood feels very uncomfortable with Yang Metal or Yin Fire people, as the axe or fire are life threatening to them. What they love is the sun, Yang Fire, Yin Earth, with its minerals, and Yin Water to keep it moist.

A Yang Wood person needs her own plot of land, which cannot be infringed by anyone else. She cannot share her near vicinity with another Yang Wood as her roots need space.

There has to be order for Yang Wood, she needs to know what is happening and when, who is around and if any unannounced changes are made, it exasperate them.

If one puts pressure on Yang Wood, they experience it as an earthquake, lose their leaves, a bough, stop bearing fruit, stop growing. So no threatening or shouting at Yang Woods! If you want to influence them, they need explanations, gifts, attention.

When tended carefully and for a long time, the tree will bear delicious fruit. And until then, it will produce life essential oxygen. So it may seem, a tree does not have much effect or result, as we cannot see the oxygen, cannot measure its value, but take that tree away and the place becomes barren and bleak. When the tree has become big and strong, we can lean on it, put a hammock in it, enjoy its shade, its rustling of leaves, harvest its fruit and feel a wonderful stability. So patience, patience, who has patience will success.

The best careers for this elemental type are where everything is already prepared for the person to develop it – they can’t start things from scratch themselves. Therefore they can’t be leaders – or if they are, they always need a boss above them.

They cannot be in the front line; they need a lot of pre-arranged conditions to develop things. Everything must be real for them; they like reality, and that means they cannot imagine things out of thin air to be able to be creative and achieve things. Otherwise they can be successful in everything they do.

An example of this type of person are the pop star Britney Spears and Bob Geldof.

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Gwen Hoffmann

Co-founder of wellness center Energy Clinic Hamburg

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