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Chinese Five Elements: Water

waterThe 5 elements end with the Element of Water, as this is traditionally the end point of each year. 

The season of winter, generally seen as starting in November, is also represented by the element of Water.

Water quite simply is connected to water; every kind of water that exists on earth. Thus that can be everything from the seas to rivers to puddles and clouds.

Water is connected to coldness, which tends to reach its height mostly in winter time. Winter time is the time when everything starts to die down and this is characterized by the hibernation and migration of animals and end all the flora’s cycles that started with the period of birth in Spring time. It’s the time that all the old growth and leaves and plants and small animals that can’t survive the cold will die.

Thus, in human nature, Water represents the kind of qualities we see represented in winter time and by the flora’s characteristics.

This means that the attributes of contraction, knowledge, wisdom, inwardness, building up of reserves and preparation for spring time are the characteristics we see for the water type of behavior patterns we can see in humans.

water2The Chinese also determined that the kidneys and urinary bladder organs were also connected with the element of water. Thus, when the kidneys (the main water organ) are out of balance, the person can be very scared and become a frightened, fearful type of person, who finds it hard to have the will power to do things. Thus they can be hyper-sensitive, fearful, mis-trusting and even paranoid.

This is when you can also see that kidneys diseases will start to set in, if they don’t change and learn to develop and heal their kidneys.

When someone has kidney blockages and or weakness, it was discovered that they can get ear problems, hair and tooth problems, urinary infections and kidney stones, dull headaches, lower body – back, legs and knee problems, and they will generally be experiencing a lack of will power and determination in their lives.

Thus this system of knowledge helps us by using energy healing, massage, relaxation and other such natural healing methods to help heal and prevent diseases and support us to change our bad characteristics.

Edi Carr

Senior presenter and senior consultant to VIP clients at E Rejuvenation center Zagreb, Croatia.

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