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10 Chinese Main Elements: Yang Water – The element of freedom and independence

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This is the element type that achieves because it wants to be free. If success does not happen for them, a Yang Water will go no where in life – become a drifter. The entire impetus of Yang Water people is their thirst for freedom – Yang Waters dislike to be controlled or locked– they will be very successful indeed, or loose themselves and completely waste their lives.

Yang Waters don’t like to take risks or spend money. They are the great copy cats of all the element types and they like to stick to things which have been proven to work.

Quick to catch anything about they need to decide on their career, not to become an insignificant jack of all trades. In cooperation with suitable partners, they can go beyond their tendency to be limited and become truly great.

Their best career is in business… and some safe business, too. They need to be 100% sure.

Because Yang Water reacts faster than any other of the elements and they need to be independent – they are very interested in being financially successful. The world of business is very good for them.

Yang Waters look creative but are actually very fast and detailed imitators. Water has no colour, it reflects, the sky or trees and whatever is around at the speed of light. Difficult learners they are still very good teachers.

Supportive elements: Yin Wood, Yang Fire and Yin Fire.

Non-supportive elements: Yin Earth and Yang Metal.

Famous people: Bill Gates, James Earl Jones, Anthony Quinn, Marlon Brando, Farrah Fawcett, Emily Blunt, Alan Sugar, Chris Rock, Colin Powell, Jimmy Page, R. Kelly and Kate Middleton.

Gwen Hoffmann

Co-founder of wellness center Energy Clinic Hamburg

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