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10 Chinese Main Elements: Yin Wood – Give it attention and watch it thrive

Image credits: Bruce G. Marcot

Ironically, this element represented by smaller and pot plants can survive the heaviest pressures in life – more than any other. It will always spring back to life. It is very resilient, as grass or ivy – or even as the most stubborn weeds; it just keeps growing back no matter what you do.  

The best career for this type of person is leadership. Yin Woods can also be great analyzers. With only one condition of receiving enough attention – they can be at the front line of the career world – and supply a lot of detailed support through analysis. Yin Wood is able to follow through with any project, from the beginning to the end. Despite their abilities, they can react melodramatically and spoilt. This is how they seek attention, if needed, but regardless all the drama, Yin Wood always have ready solution for problems.

Yin Wood will take any help and support it can get, even from the metal element as pruning will help it grow. Yin Woods have an excellent understanding and judgement of people. Therefor they also make great lawyers.

Supportive elements: Yang Metal, Yin Earth and Yang Wood.

Non-supportive elements: Yin Fire.

Famous people: Bill Clinton, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Sting, Madonna, Brad Pitt, Princess Diana, John Travolta, Nicolas Cage, Liza Minnelli, Bridget Fonda, Rupert Murdoch, Jim Carrey, Michelle Obama, Kurt Cobain, Al Gore, Rihanna, Kim Jong II, Axl Rose, Robbie Williams and Oprah Winfrey.

Gwen Hoffmann

Co-founder of wellness center Energy Clinic Hamburg

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