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Dealing with Back Pain and Weak Kidney Energy

When dealing with kidneys from an energy point of view, one should consider them as one’s powerhouse and throughout our lives in need of any amount of protection and pampering,  Back pain and problems are generally related to kidney weakness, although western medicine will rarely connect these two.

A lack of Yang energy in the kidneys is recognizable at an early age. A child with weak kidneys will be withdrawn, not able to socialize easily, suffer from general low ability, lack of creativity and depression.  

A family may not recognize the problem, as the kidney condition is hereditary and other members of the family will have suffered from the same condition in their younger years. Later people with weak kidneys will have difficulties in finding and keeping a partner and relationship and having children. Symptoms are generally understood as personality traits or a result of circumstances, which not many will consider altering.  

A physical examination of the organs will not show any abnormalities, but certain symptoms indicate that trouble is on the way. Frequent ear infections in childhood, cold feet and in women, heavy, painful periods with clotting and dark red flow indicate the weak kidneys. Lower back pain, chilliness, and deformations of the spine are further indicators.

Other symptoms are difficulties in rising in the morning and on the other hand the tendency to have late nights, not being able to go to sleep early since the metabolism takes a long time to get going and reaches its peak fairly late in the day.

To connect the physical condition of an organ with personality and quality of life may be new for some, but in eastern medicine, the physical and psychological aspects of a person are one. Traditionally in the far east one is not much concerned with psychology. No matter how imbalanced a person is in their behavior, the treatment will always be on the organ level. This is very straightforward and does not require any philosophy, complicated theory on or understanding of the person’s psyche.

When suffering from symptoms of low kidney Yang one should put keeping warm first, meaning having a hot water bottle and a thermos as buddies on a daily basis, keeping your socks on and your legs covered, even in summer (!) and avoiding cold food and drinks. To make any major changes in one health condition requires learning and practicing the ability to completely empty the mind, thus allowing deep relaxation. The energy pathways or meridians in the body can then open up, assimilate a larger quantity of energy to unblock and nourish the organs and body systems. Regular natural relaxation is a basic requirement and powerful tool to rebalance organ activities and improve one’s entire level of health.

Additionally, there are a number of natural remedies, foods, herbs and moderate exercises which will increase the kidney energy.

Unfortunately, weak kidneys are a very common and unrecognized condition in our society, almost a normality which in turn accounts for growing of widespread depression, unstable relationships and increasing childlessness.

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Gwen Hoffmann

Co-founder of wellness center Energy Clinic Hamburg

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