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Early morning poo, essential habit to prevent a great deal of misery

We are dealing here with a very important subject: Having a regular poo every day before breakfast and preferably before 7 am is a basic requirement and indication for good health, happiness and – morality.

Leave the house with your business done and you are ready – and to be honest –  presentable. You also never ever need to spend time on some public water closet, squatting on the rim or meticulously laying out toilet paper on it, if you are somewhat less of an acrobat or athlete.

Our early morning poo is the critical activity for getting rid of physical negativity from the day before. If we don’t keep our toilet time for the morning, and preferably before 7 am, this negativity will begin to spread in our systems, poisoning our bloodstream and meridians.

If we haven’t released yesterday’s waste we shouldn’t even talk with anybody. We are not our best selves, somewhat contaminated and will transmit negativity immediately. Their digestion issue is the reason why a lot of people are grumpy in the mornings. Who is on the other end knows how very unpleasant it is to be adressed by such a person-

Most people have their poo the easy way, after breakfast and with the ingested food doing the work. Those who already have a problem will use coffee to help. Both ways are no good. If we eat while our digestive system is still full, unreleased negative energy will mix with fresh new energy, resulting in the poisoning of our body and slugging our mind. If we use coffee to stimulate our digestion, we are weakening our system and become even less able to eliminate naturally.

The first thing you should be concerned with on rising is getting to grips with your digestion. Drinking one or more glasses of boiled and cooled, filtered water and then going for a little session should be a daily ritual. If this doesn’t work, consider adding honey and lemon. Squeeze a lemon and mix in 1 to 2 tsp. of honey. Add tepid water, cooled down after boiling. To not destroy the delicate lemon and honey, the water should not be over 28 degrees. Drink two glasses. Having slightly salty water is another not very palatable measure if nothing goes. You can increase the amount of liquid you take to 1 litre or more. Make yourself comfortable on the loo, take time, drink, relax. If you can’t relax. read something or browse. Don´t focus, forget yourself

There is a specific exercise you can do while sitting on the loo. Place your elbows on your knees, just behind the kneecaps. Rest your chin in your hands. Now breathe out to the maximum, pulling in your stomach muscles. Hold your breath. Let go and pull in the muscle again and keep going until you need to breathe, thus massaging your lower belly area with the intestines. Relax and breathe normally. Repeat this self-massage a few times.

Another step which you may need to take is holding. If you feel an urge in the afternoon, don´t give in. Save it for the morning. This will give have a good chance for the morning poo.  You need to educate your body after a long spell of irregularity.

Using one or several of the suggested methods will eventually get you there. In the beginning, you may have to sit longer, so you may need to get up earlier. Later the process will speed up. In any case, allow yourself time to fix the problem, as much time as it takes.  You need to be patient and work at it. Don’t be hard on yourself, just keep going and you will get there. After all, it also took some time to establish the blockage.

Our digestion depends on what and when we eat and drink, but also on how we manage ourselves generally. Stress, worry and overthinking are main influences on the situation. With our overactive lives and numberless choices, it is not easy to get to the heart of the matter, meaning finding the way to manage ourselves.  The ability to empty our mind and relax is a prerequisite to achieving autonomy. When we let go not only our muscles relax, but also the organs. Our mind chatter quietens and our whole system can unblock and recover. In such a quiet time energy will work on us on all levels, giving us the opportunity to literally have body, mind and soul reset. Natural healing can only occur when we begin to practice what balances stress, worry, panic:  natural relaxation.

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Johny Miric

Co-founder of Mind Hero and wellness center Energy Clinic Hamburg. Follow him on Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook

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