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Rock and Roll Lifestyle – Girls, lots of parties and unstoppable energy!

Sheer hard work, nothing short of a miracle, or good elements and energy, or possibly a mix of it all ? The band of musicians, known the world over as “the Rolling Stones” are going to celebrate 50 years together in 2012. 

As one of the most successful and hard-wearing groups in history of rock music, front man, singer/songwriter Mick Jagger, guitar & songwriter, Keith Richard, have been together since day one, joined shortly after by drummer Charlie Watts.  Elementary they are well matched, Jagger is Yin Wood, a wiry evergreen type, the natural ability to keep regrowing is kept firmly in shape by Keith Richard who is Yang Metal, wields his guitar like an axe! This is a classic combination, they are very suited to each other, their energies support and develop each other, which has a lot to do with their long standing success and friendship. The friction between these two is directly connected to the elements and although in contrast to each other, it can be a winning combination.  And Charlie Watts not treading on their toes is Yin Metal, he just needs to show himself, put a spotlight on him and he’ll shine.  They never stopped …as their name implies, all of them well into their sixties now, they really do keep rolling, like some huge machine.  

They have a responsibility to their fans to basically serve them, deliver them new messages, help them enjoy themselves and to let go to and release blocked emotions by dancing and singing and screaming!…its all contribution and the more successful a celebrity or performer is at doing this, the more people will follow them and if they do a good job of it, they earn lots of money and are worshiped like Gods and Goddesses.  

It’s their destiny to perform and they have a goal that motivates them.  How do they do it?  …Mick Jagger has the body of an athlete, indeed his father was a PE coach, so this accounts for his ability to run miles on stage night after night.  These guys make it look easy but they train as hard as they play. That is the price of celebrity and the reward. 

The massive world tours, allow energy to expand and flow, they become an unstoppable force.  “BIG Bang Tour” – They got the name of this one right. Over 4,500,000 tickets sold, for 147 concerts, in 118 cities and 32 countries, over a period of 735 days. Live entertainment has never been any bigger than this.

 The gigs in the enormous football stadiums create huge amounts of energy but it can actually be very negative as huge amounts of old energy is released out. This energy rush, creates an addictive high, and is very hard for celebrities to balance with reality off stage.  It can also be difficult to protect themselves from all the negative energy of the lifestyle, with the late nights and lots of attention.  This is why many stars rely on drink and drugs to balance the energy from the highs onstage.  It takes a wise star to understand their responsibilities, take care of their health and achieve this too many die trying.  

Fiona McLoughlin

Editor in chief, founder of clothes design studio Global Gypsy, lifestyle designer and mindfulness expert.

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