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New Fashion Lifestyle – How to Start Designing Yours!

Who can survive the material overkill in a world drowning in throwaway fashion, built in obsolescence and designer ‘absolutely everything’?

Die Young, Stay Pretty

My own experience of being a clothes designer in Bali and running a fashion store in London was focused on what to wear, where to go and the next new thing! Health was by the way, I was young and life was short, sweet and the motto of the moment, was the neo punk nihilistic, “Die Young, Stay Pretty!”

For style junkies, everything is image and the right outfit and the right designer lifestyle in the fast lane, being young, fun, size 10, bright lights big city, travel, money and when Madonna sang about the “a material girl, living in a material world”, that girl was totally me and a million more that were intoxicated by the fantasy of fashion, high on style. Designing seemed to be way above a factory job and so much more exciting than a 9-5 office; the parties were amazing, everyone wanted to be a designer in the “me generation” of the 80’s.

What made me flip?

You may ask “What changed to flip you from being a slave to image and destroyer of health, to a calm lover, a cleaner of old genetic patterns and a follower of wellness habits? “

The point comes when we are pushed, for me personally it was a meltdown, just couldn’t hold it all together, too much pressure to be perfect and the best and no life skills to protect my health. For others it is a messy divorce or massive heart attack. Most of us can’t change until we are forced to by circumstances.

As designers we are always looking for the next thing and now everyone’s a designer, we can all create whatever we want, technology makes it possible to live the dream. We can buy anything we want from anywhere in the world in seconds online, so now the customer demand creates the style.

Is the new fashion life like we see in the movies or on Netflix?

Shiny-happy people, everything hunky dory and smooth, that’s life in the flow, in the energy zone and that is where we all wannabe now. A far out hippy Utopia or crazy Californian dream, it’s what the masses want…. but not so many know how to get there.

The truth for many is more like an episode of “Big Little Lies” where perfect couples leading fake lives are internally brewing jealousy, hatred and dark secrets with stunning settings and a compelling soundtrack?

No one wants to be old or sick or poor…!t’s just so old fashioned.

The reality of the old lifestyle is that stress, sickness, aging, broken relationships and debt are going mainstream, the bubble burst on us boomers and now we are asking the question ‘fashionistas’ ask themselves at the start of every season.“ How can we reinvent ourselves?

The quest for Immortality is ON. We need to buy more time…we need to relax big-time

It’s hard not to be stuck in our ways but for anyone born before 2000 it’s going to be a bit easier but, even for teenagers, my advise is don’t leave it too long as even babies can relax and toddlers can train energy and in fact it’s so simple the cat can do it so don’t wait to start reacting your old grandmas genes and develop habits and wrinkles that damage your aging.

Designing a new energy lifestyle; Accessories…… and we are not talking handbags here!

The newest mindfulness accessory on the catwalk is MindHero the must have guided relaxation for our digital lifestyle. Once we check in we start to make positive changes which often start on the health level, but for some it may be a money or relationship result or more importantly a feeling of deep peace and inner confidence which comes from the connection this new energy lifestyle we are designing.

So simple that cat can do it!!

Technology is in the palm of our hands and we can design our own meditation class to relax, release stress and be guided to find inner peace anywhere we can squeeze a spare 15mins, we can enter the energy zone, connect and get in the flow.

It’s a great time for anyone who always wanted to be creative but didn’t know how, by simply relaxing twice a day, to allow your empty brain to receive the creative instructions, you can start to change everything as by changing our inner world automatically the outside world around us changes.

Now that’s what I call cool.

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Fiona McLoughlin

Editor in chief, founder of clothes design studio Global Gypsy, lifestyle designer and mindfulness expert.

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