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Transmitters of Light – David Hockney draws with iPad

David Hockney iPad drawings

The other day I found an article about the artist David Hockney and his new medium the iPad, showing some of his amazing pictures. What he enjoys and what caught my eye immediately was the luminance of the pictures due to the nature of the screen.

Apparently Hockney, who is 74, was only shown the iPad once before adopting it for his purposes.
Most people Hockney’s age would consider the iPad some corrupting gadget which takes us one step further away from true values and nature.
Not everyone is the same. Whereas some of us grow older, gathering experience, fixing our opinion and becoming more or even very set in our ways, others never loose their curiosity in new things and remain open with the ability to connect with people of all ages. Instead of calculating, resisting and rejecting new developments, “this is not possible, that is not possible”, open minded people live lively modern lives and a few become more modern as they get older.

It’s all a question of energy capacity. Difference in energy capacity is obvious in our quality of life. Are we fussy, focused on ourselves, sick, lonely, lack money, our energy is pretty low. If we are easy going, popular, happy, generous, wealthy and healthy and our view is expansive, our energy is plain good.

David Hockney has been around quite a while. As an inspired person, that is, a person, who allows “spirit in”, he has remained interested in things outside and beyond himself. He is open for things he does not know and therefore it is natural for him to explore and use the new technology. He is a person with a large energy capacity, able to receive and transmit large quantities of energy/spirit. His long life and extensive number admirers prove this.

Appealing art happens due to strong energy transmission, experienced as a wonderful energy boost by the artist and the viewer. The artist recieves a message, which he reacts honestly and without thinking or judging in a medium of his choice. The less he thinks the stronger the energy transmission and the more authentic and lasting his art will become.

But not only artists function like this. We all are transmitters of energy or light, receiving messages and signals from the universe. The faster we react the input the more lively, creative and radiant we become and the higher our quality of life will be, including health, love, money and wisdom. Finding “one’s thing” or channel will allow one to excel beyond imagination.

What prevents us from allowing this “healthy” lifestyle are conditioning, self consciousness, laziness and above all lack of faith. By the time habits of procrastination and lethargy develop and it becomes harder and harder to get out of them, that is, it gets hard then to get healthy, lively, lovel, light and wise.

Life is forever changing and developing. We are never done and retirement is the misconception, that we have learned enough, contributed enough and its time to officially give up. We loose faith and follow the norm and established. Without openess our energy connection and transmission begins to subside, same as our health and life enjoyment. It is high time to reconnect and let the light shine through.

Gwen Hoffmann

Co-founder of wellness center Energy Clinic Hamburg

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