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Hotel pillows – Not as soft as they look


Photo credit: jonfeinstein on Flickr

Our lives and our world is energy operated and influenced.
When we don’t feel well, negative energy is blocking our ease, our flow.

There are many invisible sources of negative energy, and if we can remove or remedy them, we can improve our health and wellbeing considerably.

Why is it that when we travel and have to spend our nights in hotels a lot, we find ourselves out of sorts because we don’t sleep so well?

Unfortunately our hotel bed has been used by many different people, and although the sheets have been laundered and pressed, the inlets get reused again and again. Whoever sleeps on the pillow, will leave some of their energy behind, so thoughts, dreams, nightmares and especially worries are stored in the very pillow we want to rest on.

It is often not feasible to carry our own bedding whenever we want to spend the night away from home. To protect your energy if possible do choose a pleasant new or renovated hotel. Sometimes you may need to pay a little more, but its money directly invested into our own health and happiness. Bringing your own pillow is an excellent strategy to have a good night’s sleep. You could also bring your own woolen rug or blanket, as wool is a great energy insulator.

If you need to travel really light, rest your head on your own folded sweater at night.

So, sweet dreams to you and enjoy you travels.

Gwen Hoffmann

Co-founder of wellness center Energy Clinic Hamburg

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