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Life in a Free-Will Universe

free will universeFreedom of speech, freedom of choice, freedom of information, we love to customize and be individual and have the choice.

We live in the era of infinite possibilities with everything from how we take our coffee to how we travel, the car we drive, the style of jeans, we have a choice: low fat, soy milk, double shot, extra baggage, priority boarding, business class, bootleg, skinny leg, hipster, walnut veneer, cream velour upholstery or black leather, whatever?  

The choice is ours, be it right or wrong. Sometimes the choices are so numerous, we are totally overwhelmed, so confused, or under pressure that we just can’t decide. If it’s just about jeans or a car, it’s obviously not the end of the world, we can change them. But what if we have young kids, are in charge of a team of flight controllers or an administrator for a hospital, or controlling a billion dollar housing project, we have lives in our hands, huge money at stake and the choices and risks become way more crucial?  We must be clear, get it right.

Yes, we learn from our mistakes but at what cost?  We think we are so well educated and worldly wise but actually most of us know very little about life itself and are like young kids in this vast universal playground.  Living in a free-will universe, where we get to decide in any moment how to react to any given circumstances, we have way more power than we give ourselves due can go both ways.

All this freedom without any education means we can make lots of costly and damaging mistakes, however if we are guided by wisdom and gut feeling rather than our heads, what our parents say, our own old ideas, our egos, then we can make a smarter choice, one which will give us an instant advantage, a boost and the shortcuts in life that may even extend our lives and add quality the lives of others and to any situation.  We will always buy the right jeans, reach the goal, save lives and improve life.

The choice is ours in any moment.

How to start the day the right way and how to unwind or top up our energy levels to help us reach this new quality life? We now have another choice to make. Like all the best things in life, it’s really very simple, just a matter of doing it.  When that means we get to create something unique and just how we like it that is a sure recipe for success. Oceen team made it fast and fun to click together your relaxation session and just sit back to receive the energy and keep you clear all day, deal with those choices, to become wiser, healthier and naturally energised for longer. Relax, this choice is a real no brainer!

Fiona McLoughlin

Editor in chief, founder of clothes design studio Global Gypsy, lifestyle designer and mindfulness expert.

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